Emily Watson

Hi!!! My name is Emily and I’m super excited to be joining the jag project here at Tortuguero National Park. I came here in February wanting to do some kind of volunteer work with wildlife on my gap year, and immediately fell in love with the place, and more importantly, with the animals.

I remember the first jag I saw on a camera trap I’d help set up and I could not contain my excitement – it was so cool!!! Ever since then I have fallen for the jags more and more which is why I was over the moon to be asked to stay.

In October I head back home to the UK to start university, where I will be studying physics. At A-level I studied Maths, Further Maths, Phsyics and Chemistry and even though I’m wanting to study the physical sciences, wildlife and anything to do with nature has always fascinated me. Hence why I am so looking forward to spending the next 4 months living here in the jungle and learning as much as I can in the process!