Conservation & Management

The primary role of our project is to provide accurate and relevant information to the governmental authorities responsible for the management of the protected areas in which we work. The information provided by our project supports their decision making process allowing them to make informed choices about future management plans.

Our project has helped to implement, with the support of ACTo, the ‘Protocols of Conduct for Wild Cat Encounters’ in Tortuguero National Park, helping to reduce wild cat habituation to human presence and aid their conservation. In 2016 ACTo created a resolution (SINAC-ACTo-D-RES-053-2016) providing a legal responsibility for all people using the Park to conduct themselves in a responsible manner during these chance encounters.

Further to this, in 2017 our project provided information to ACTo supporting their decision to extend the ‘Zone of Absolute Protection’ in the Park, restricting an area previously open to tourism due to its importance to the local jaguar population (SINAC-ACTo-D-RES-017-2017).