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Blog by John Collins on the Wildcat Program

I had not appreciated the size of these beasts. Seeing them on the camera traps a mere 30 minutes before we collected the footage sent chills down my spine, counteracted only by the sheer excitement of seeing these magnificent creatures living in harmony with the earth, rather than in the confines of the wire-mesh prison

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(Arroyo Arce et al 2020) Informe Final Monitoreo de la ‘Trocha Caño Chiquero’ PNTortuguero Costa Rica

We have recently completed our report looking at the potential impact of continued road construction in Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica, in the area known as ‘Trocha Caño Chiquero’. Based on our findings, our project believes areas such as Tortuguero National Park should remain free from road access since the sum of the direct and

By JagTeam 3 months ago
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The jaguar is my neighbour!

This month our project visited the schools of Tortuguero town to present our ‘Protocols of Conduct for Wild Cat Encounters’, as part of the ‘Jaguar is my Neighbour’ campaign. This visit was in response to the recent predation of several pets by the jaguar, and although this can be a potentially challenging time for coexistence

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Check out our latest collaborative publication, ‘Precipitous decline of the white-lipped peccary populations in Mesoamerica’. Read the full paper here:

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Welcome to our website!

We are happy to announce our new website! Here you will find all the latest news and findings from our project. Stay tuned for more news!  

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