The jaguar is my neighbour!
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This month our project visited the schools of Tortuguero town to present our ‘Protocols of Conduct for Wild Cat Encounters’, as part of the ‘Jaguar is my Neighbour’ campaign. This visit was in response to the recent predation of several pets by the jaguar, and although this can be a potentially challenging time for coexistence between local communities and large predators, the people of Tortuguero have been incredibly supportive and understanding of the need to live in harmony with our friends of the forest.

We had a great time meeting with the members of the local community, and hearing their thoughts and experiences about living in close proximity to a National Park, and the benefits and challenges associated with living in a remote area.

We would like to thank the primary and secondary schools of Tortuguero, their pupils and staff for taking the time to hear our presentations and making us feel so welcome! We would also like to thank ASVO, The Sea Turtle Conservancy and ACTo for their help and support during our visit, and look forward to seeing them all again soon!

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March 18, 2020

It is very exciting to read your post. I love it and please keep them coming. Marleah Wainwright Abbot


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